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Software Applications & ERP

Perform applications development, deployment, and lifecycle management of cutting-edge new applications or existing legacy software.

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Cyber Security & Information Assurance

Ensure sound security operations in the areas of incident response, threat analysis, digital forensics, network security engineering, vulnerability assessments, risk management and governance policies.

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IT Infrastructure & Desktop Support

Construct critical enterprise-wide infrastructure, networks, and systems in addition to playing a critical role supporting their operations and maintenance.

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Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Support big data initiatives such as programming, mining, reporting, modeling, and integration using the latest SAS, SAP, SQL, NoSQL, IBM and Oracle technologies.

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Clinical & Life Sciences

Innovate within clinical operations, biostatistics, data management, and regulatory affairs arenas or shape FDA regulated environments across pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, consumer goods, and healthcare industries.

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Core Engineering Disciplines

Design, build, and maintain structures or products in the fields of mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, industrial, chemical, environmental, aerospace, or nuclear engineering.

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The ZP Group

Crypsis is a security advisory firm specializing in data breach response and risk management.
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ZP Group owns and operates a portfolio of niche services companies.
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Piper Companies is our leading human capital solutions and consulting firm.

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